Watches are very personal. A watch shows your taste in design and style. Therefore, we are not saying whats a good or bad watch; here, we will discuss the signs of a quality watch.

Here are the critical points that determine a quality watch:

At the very least, quality watches are made of Stainless Steel. Stainless steel cannot be affected by moisture and perspiration apart from the ‘normal’ steel. Also, skin irritation is rare if you wear a stainless steel watch.

Additionally, a PVD coating is essential to ensure that gold, rose gold, silver, or black watches preserves its color. If your watch is without coating, it may cause discolor within a year with frequent use. On the back of a watch is displayed which material is used.

Note: Stainless steel (watch) back indicates that only the watch back is made of stainless steel.

The weight of a watch also is a sign of quality watch. It indicates how solid steel is used and what kind of movement is used.

Further, the renowned watch brands use 316L stainless steel & Depol Watch Company also uses this, which has a higher purity level. Stainless steel and PVD coating are often not marked on the watch. For surety, you can check with the seller on what kind of stainless steel is used.

A quality watch always has sapphire glass. It also depends why you wear the watch. Sapphire glasses remain clear and scratch-resistant after frequent use. Crystal glass or mineral glass is found on an average watch. Further, these glasses are cheaper, but they’re also more susceptible to scratches. If a watch made of sapphire glass, it will say so on the dial or back of the watch.

An affordable quality watch has a quartz movement and a certified mechanical movement. You will almost always find a quartz movement (watch powered by a battery) in quality watches. A major significance of quartz is that there are fewer moving parts required. Which makes these watches more accurate and affordable.

Depol watches use swiss Ronda movements. We have proven ourselves over time. Our watches are known for durability and value for money.

10 ATM water resistance is associated with a quality watch. Nothing can damage a watch more than water. So waterproofing is critical for a quality watch. According to the materials and movements, water resistance also has varying degrees.
10 ATM water resistance is 100 meters (or 10 bar) pressure resistance. Which makes it a good option for swimming. 3 ATM for (washing hands) and 5 ATM for (showering) are also water resistance degrees. A watch must be at least 3 ATM waterproof to offer some satisfaction. Also, the water resistance is often indicated on the back of the watch.

So far, we have only focused on the watch case. With water resistance, you will need a quality strap. We advise you to minimize water contact with a leather strap (especially those which are not waterproof). Furthermore, the most important thing is that the band fits well with the watch case

Besides all of these points, a quality watch must have a superior finish. There is a fine line between a cheap and quality watch. A quality watch should feel comfortable and have a beautiful finish. The details have to come together as an attractive combination. You also don’t want to see any unusual bumps, loose indexes, or other forms of poor workmanship.

This is a sensitive topic, but it is also essential to understand watch brand history. Sometimes we hear that someone has bought a branded watch, but now, after two years, it doesn’t exist. While this can happen again, don’t allow it to discourage you from buying the branded watch. Please do not hesitate to take a few moments to look into the watch brand and its quality before purchasing a watch.

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