match your watch with any outfit

How do you match your watch with any outfit? It may sound complicated, but it’s important. Imagine yourself in a great outfit with a Depol bespoke watch. Wouldn’t that be amazing?
Here are some points on how to choose your watch according to your dress style:

Levels of Formality

Don’t make a fashion mistake by not matching your watch with the formality of the occasion.

Black tie/White Tie: For formal events, simplicity is the key to attracting the eyes. Dress-up a simple watch in a classic style using a black leather band.

Business Style: Go with a classic and straightforward silver or gold watch with a thin dial. A dark conservative suit is the best option with a classic watch or a diver watch with a leather strap.

Business Casual: A light-colored suit with no necktie is best complemented with a high-end Chrono, a pilot watch or even a smartwatch.

Casual: A metal band watch is perfect for everyday wear. A metal band is generally suitable for casual wear with jeans, a chambray shirt, and a combination of dress boots.

Sports: A sports watch is protected with materials that allow you to focus on the activity without needing to worry about your watch snapping off your wrist or getting destroyed mid-game.

Leather Complements Leather

You can match your belts and shoe color with the watch. Leather belts complement leather watch straps. Interchangeable bands are an excellent option for men who own shoes in different colors.

  • Keep in mind watchbands color does need to be precisely the same color as your shoes, but it can be in a similar tone.
  • Watches with leather straps work better with jeans. Such a look would not be appropriate at a fine-dining event.
  • A leather strap is a classic choice, but gold or silver bands are suitable when complementing the rest of your outfit.

Metal Complements Metal

What about a black metal casing? This is suitable for either gold or silver.
Try coordinating this color with all of your accessories.

  • A rose gold watch can be worn with a gold belt buckle since its close enough in color.
  • You may include cuff links, shoe buckles, and any other piece of jewelry onto your outfit.
  • A gold-plated watch is best-suited to clothes and shoes in earthy tones, while silver compliments grey, blue, and black.

Are You Doubting How To Match Your Watch And Shoes?

Black is an all-time favorite but doesn’t make it the right choice every time. Sometimes brown shoes are just a better choice. Comparing leather bands is useful here. One in brown and one in black for each watch. Black leather is more formal than brown. A black watchband is more suited for formal events.

  • Loafers are considered business casual.
  • Can’t decide between brown or black leather bands? Compare the dressiness to the brown shoe versus the black shoe.
  • Silver watches best suits black, grey, and blue shades. Gold watches go with browns and other earth tones.
  • Choose a watch according to your size as well. To show the best effect.

Watches should be relative to your body. Slim men can work thin watches, while broad guys can carry watches that have boxier and robust watch faces.
Follow these tips to help you correctly mix your watch and outfit. Use our bespoke watch to add a twist to your attire!

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